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Classes & Workshops

Lush Movement Company strives to always offer well-rounded dance, wellness, and movement classes. We work based on a Core Curriculum in addition to workshops and specialty classes. Our instructors work endlessly to provide innovative and exciting ways to move, making our studio unique from any other. 

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Core Curriculum

Lush offers a set group of classes every month, typically at the same time. These classes include pole skills, flexibility & conditioning, ballet, and low flow. 


Specialty Classes

To encourage cross training and movement exploration, Lush offers a variety of limited classes. These classes change monthly and include more "niche" movement sessions like tap dance and belly dancing.


Class Descriptions

Read all of our class descriptions here. Choose the class session you're interested in, and clicking on it will pull up the description! All classes can be filtered by experience level. "All levels" classes are suitable for beginners.

Core Curriculum & Level Details

Every month, we have a recurring set of classes on the schedule, we call these classes our Core Curriculum. While our schedule reflects flexibility, conditioning, and off the pole dance, we apply tiers to our Low Flow and Pole Skills classes. This helps our instructors give our students the best and most interactive experience. Safety is Sexy!


Intro/All Levels

Classes described as Intro or All Levels are just that! They are appropriate for all experience levels, no pre-requisite classes required. Intro level classes focus on strength, stamina, and muscle memory to prepare you for higher level classes. Intro to Pole and Lush-ious Flow would be considered Intro level!

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Lush Babe -

Beginner Intermediate

When you master some foundational skills and display the ability to progress, it's time for Beginner Intermediate classes! In this level you will work on getting your feet off the ground and holding shapes. Completion of Intro to Pole required.

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Lush Honey - Intermediate+

Our Intermediate+ level focuses on inverts, combinations, and spin pole. Low Flow will even include inverting from a seated position. Completion of Intro to Pole and familiarity with Lush-ious Flow required. See "test out" options in studio to move to our Intermediate+ level!

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Lush Goddess - Advanced

For our most skilled movers, we offer advanced level classes with smaller class sizes and individualized training. Work with our experienced instructors to improve your aerial and flow stamina and endurance. See "test out" options in studio!

Class Descriptions

We have a variety of classes for every body! On and off the pole classes create our well rounded roster! Here are a few examples of what types of classes you will see on our schedule! Please note, our classes rotate on a monthly basis. Missing your favorite class on the schedule? Message us to see what specialty classes are coming up!

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Beginner Friendly Classes

Intro to Pole

Lush-ious Flow

Pole Conditioning & Mobility

Twerk & Pole


Off the Pole

Chair Dance

Intro to Ballet

Contemporary Choreography

Heels Choreography

Intro to Jazz

Leaps & Turns

Flexibility & Mobility

Restorative Movement

ChiChi Fit



Pre-requisite Required Classes

Lush Babe Beginner Intermediate Skills

Lush Honey Intermediate+ Skills

Lush Goddess Advanced Skills

Lush Honey Intermediate+ Low Flow

Lush Goddess Advanced Low Flow

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