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You've decided on your class, but you still have questions...and that's fine! Read through our policies and FAQs. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us via Instagram, Facebook, Call, or Text!

Policies & FAQs

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Policies, Terms, & Information

Lush Movement Company is Southern Indiana's premiere pole fitness studio, offering movement classes for every body, all levels and abilities, in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our community supports improving the overall lifestyle for every student that comes to our studio space.


Lush Movement Company takes pride in providing the highest quality equipment and atmosphere for optimal training, moving, and creating. From pole fitness to strength and flexibility training, Lush takes a modern, integrated approach to movement. Our curriculum is developed to help each student grow to their fullest potential. We proudly operate as an all-inclusive movement sanctuary. Lush welcomes all gender identifications who feel drawn to exploring this art.


Lush – adjective. Growing luxuriantly. Very rich and providing great sensory pleasure. Thriving, characterized by abundance. Sumptuous and plentiful

Movement – noun. An act of changing physical position. A change or development.

Company – noun. The fact or condition of being with another or other, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.


Studio Etiquette

While movement is a great way to express emotions, workout, and have fun, there are a few things that we ask all our students to follow:


  1. Be kind, periodt.

  2. Instructors teach while students learn

  3. We love it when you are on time.

  4. Keep your things together and ready for class.

  5. Remove rings, bracelets, and watches. Silicone rings permitted

  6. No outside shoes on the dance floor.

  7. Read the room, sister.

  8. Safety is sexy.

  9. Have fun, we’re just vibin, growing, and creating.

  10. Thank your instructor and be respectful of their time.


Class Policies

At Lush, being a safe, inclusive, sanctuary space is our top priority. We strive to operate at our highest potential, so we ask that our students do the same. We are open to new ideas and ways of moving our bodies. Our mission is to grow and explore our potential.


We show courtesy and respect towards ourselves and others. Lush has a zero-tolerance policy for any harmful language or actions toward or between students. If you have a concern that you would like to discuss with any instructor, please communicate this with us at any time. Our instructors are an experienced team of leaders; respect their time, space, and instruction during class. We ask that you keep side conversations to a minimum during classes and leave the teaching to the teacher. We do not prevent the instructor from instructing and we do nothing to prevent us from learning. Criticisms and corrections to others can be applied to yourself, be focused and open to learning. We all join in the space to better ourselves.


We start class on time. To avoid injuries, dancers who arrive more than 6 minutes late will be asked to observe the class. For those of you who like to be early, we ask that you do not come into the studio more than 15 minutes before scheduled class time. Our goal is to limit distractions for the instructors and students while preparing or finishing a class. Please do not find your place on the floor until it is time to begin class. We reserve 15 minutes in between each class for cleaning, setup, and preparation for the next class. This flows most efficiently when instructors can move independently. If you must leave a class early, please let the instructor know prior to the start of class and exit with courtesy.  


Have we mentioned safety is sexy? Please do not wear lotions or body oils to class. This can cause our dance area and poles to become slick. We ask that you remove any rings, bracelets, or watches before the start of class. This prevents individual injury and protects the integrity of our studio poles. If you are unable to remove your rings for a POLE class, you will not be permitted to participate, and your class pass will be added back to your MINDBODY account. Silicone bands are permitted. No food or gum in the dance area. Liquids are permitted with a tight-fitting lid. Please do not arrive under the influence of harmful, impairing, or illegal substances.


Do not record or photograph other students without permission. We have a private, student-only, Facebook group for sharing our class accomplishments and anything movement related. We share here!  


Show pride in your movement space by keeping it clean. Clean your poles thoroughly before and after class. Do not touch the mirrors with your hands or body. Recycle, throw away trash, and take your belongings when you leave.


Late Cancel

Classes can be cancelled with no penalty up to 24 hours before scheduled class time. Cancelling a class within 24 hours of class time will result in forfeiture of your class pass. If you incorrectly book a class, please contact the studio as soon as possible to avoid losing the class pass.

Unlimited Goddess Subscription Members will be charged $6/late cancel.


What do I wear?

Shorts and a tank will be just fine! Skin to pole contact is beneficial in skills classes. “Specialty attire” would be mentioned in the class description if it were to be a themed class. We encourage students to wear what makes them feel comfortable and sexy. Shorts are preferred over leggings unless it is a Chair Dance class.


Do I need to be in shape or have experience?

Every body can pole dance and experience movement! No matter your size or fitness ability, you will find that creative movement strengthens your body. We are here to celebrate the body’s ability to move, not what it looks like. Dancing does not discriminate, and neither do we!

Do I wear shoes?

Shoes are completely optional in our space! Many students prefer to wear heels in low flow and choreography classes. Shoes in skills classes are up to the discretion of the student AFTER they comfortably execute the skill barefoot on both sides. Don’t feel like you need to commit to an 8 inch pair of platforms your first week in. Many of us worked our way up to being comfortable in heels. 


How do I prepare?

There are no prerequisites or experience required to come to your first class! We ask that you bring a water to hydrate and do not moisturize the day of your class to avoid a slippery pole!


Can I practice outside of class time?

We offer open gym time for both students and non-members throughout the week. Check our schedule to book a spot! We continue to offer open gym 6-7 days a week!

I am/was an exotic entertainer.

We love that, but no bypassing levels as a new student without professional training in a studio setting. Foundational movements and proper technique are important to build as you grow through your pole journey. Remember Cardi’s feet on the pole in her Money video? It’s a no from me, dawg.

Do you have age restrictions?

Minors may attend Pole Skills, Flexibility, Conditioning, Ballet, and Open Gym classes. Attendance at specialty classes will be decided on a case by case basis. Liability waivers need to be completed in Mindbody. We require our minor students to sign a paper waiver with a guardian signature.

  • Parents are welcomed to watch class from the reception area.


Do you only teach women?

Lush Movement Company proudly operates as an all-inclusive movement sanctuary. Lush welcomes all gender identifications who feel drawn to exploring this art.


How long are the classes?

The classes are an hour each, unless specified otherwise on the schedule.


I have taken classes at another studio before, where do I start?

Give us a call, or come see us in the studio, and we’ll chat about your previous experience and the best level for you to start!

Can I bring my kids?

We do not offer childcare nor a space for children to sit during class. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the studio.

We reserve the right to refuse service from anyone who chooses not to respect studio and employee boundaries and policies.


Still have questions? Text us!


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